Metabolomics fundraising activities without direct Advancement engagement have been thus far limited. As a Level III Center, the CMS maximizes return on investment with a dedicated Office of Advancement representative. The CMS, focused on the new omics field of metabolomics with its high clinical and also general research relevance, is actively seeking donors, sponsors, supporters, and participants. Metabolomics at GUMC has already demonstrated its applicability in many important clinical areas such as cancer, diabetes, transplant medicine, neurologic diseases, infectious disease, liver disease, disorders of the eye and retina, and aging, as well as general research arenas surrounding environmental studies, for example. The Center works with the Dean for Research and the Office of Advancement to position the Center for future opportunities as they develop. Dr. Fornace, the Executive Director of the Center, is the first holder of the Molecular Cancer Research Chair, and this initiative blends with well with Center activities ( and strengthens the capacities for activities in the Center.