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research associate

A research associate position is available in the Metabolomics Shared Resources at Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center in Georgetown University for a talented individual with experience in mass spectrometry.  The major focus is qualitative and quantitative analysis of metabolites and other small molecules using Leco Pegasus GC-TOF MS and Waters’ ACQUITY UPLC® QTOF and XEVO TQ-S mass spectrometers. Duties include sample preparation and processing for metabolomics experiments and data analysis and reporting.

Minimum requirements

M.S. in Biochemistry/ Chemistry/Computational Biology or related field

Experience in mass spectrometer operations, method development for small molecule quantitation and MS data analysis preferred.

Desired skills:

Hands on experience in time of flight and triple quadrupole mass spectrometry; strong verbal and written communication skills.

For information contact: af294@georgetown.edu, akc27@georgetown.edu