Mensa Regional Gathering:  Pandemic RG 2018.   August 10-12, 2018; Herndon, VA                             

Particle Pandemonium:  Leaving the Angry Planet...To Face the Angry Cosmos.
Lots of thought and work are heading towards leaving a planet that is becoming over-populated and uninhabitable, towards leaving the old planet behind in order to learn to survive on a new world. The cosmos is not particularly welcoming to these uninvited guests, though, especially in the mere forms that are known and expected. While there are some blanket environmental concerns with regards to living in space or on another planet, such as the presence or absence of oxygen and/or water, cosmic radiation is an issue that is beginning to show an increasing level of prominence due to its ceaseless and, as of yet, “un-fixable” nature.
There are many major questions that can be asked with regards to the incoming bombardments.  How may settlers defend against them?  Just what dangers do these particles invoke?  Join Cioli as she dives into the research of Dr. Fornace's group at Georgetown University, which aims to answer some of these questions and more, in her session:  “First Contact:  Imminent Collision in Vivo. Particle Physics and NASA NSCOR project work at Georgetown University.”

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Mensa high IQ society members and guests.  General public, ages 0-125.

Speaker Bio:

Cioli Barazandeh received her Associate’s and Bachelor’s of Science in Space Studies from American Military University at the ages of 12 and 13, and her MS in Space Systems from Florida Tech at 15.  She is currently an Aero/Astro Engineering graduate student at Purdue University, while working and learning at NASA Goddard with ASRC, Dr. Fornace’s biomedical group at Georgetown University, and OASIS, an oceanography-related contractor. Additionally, she studies Asian and other languages and cultures, including for example Chinese, Japanese and Russian. For the future she intends to achieve at least one doctorate in Aero/Astro Engineering and to continue with language and cultural studies in order to improve STEM resources, understanding, and relations globally.

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